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Looking for clarity and courage to follow your path? We specialize in people and organizations who are interested in making a pivot in their journeys.

Now is the time to rethink old models and bring in a fresh approach.|Clear away the cobwebs;|Step into a new way of doing business;|Create a new vision integrating what we've learned.

  • EWere you part of the Great Resignation—now what?
  • EDid Burnout hit you over the last 2 years?
  • EAre you looking to get back your spark and motivation? Do you still want to change the world?
  • EAre you looking to align your career more closely with your personal values?
  • EAre you looking for innovation and stimulation but with career security and balance for all your priorities?

Putting Ideas into Action

“Jean Howard is both an idea person extraordinaire and a real doer. Her energy and enthusiasm  for her work are contagious. A great team player, Jean is results oriented and a great contributor  to any organization she joins. She can manage up, she can manage down–and she can pull a  flagging organization of peers along as well as anyone I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”
~David Gautschi

Gryphon Fletcher

Gryphon Fletcher offers authentic and experienced business coaching to you, the entrepreneur, career professional, or leader in a non-profit, tailored to individual managerial styles and/or organizational mission. Our consulting services are offered to small and medium businesses, departments of large corporations and non-profit organizations.  

We are committed to partner with you, our client, to align your vision and mission with professional advancement and measurable success. To do this, we work closely with you to identify what ignites your creativity, your professional style, your strengths, while considering your needs and goals. Once we get a  better picture of who you truly are, we develop an individualized strategy and step by step  plan that will meet your personal needs and help you attain your professional goals.


Why Gryphon Fletcher?

Like the mythical gryphon, combining the vision of an eagle and courage of a lion, we safeguard treasures: you, your business, the community and the planet. 

As with the fletcher, who crafted the  seeker’s  arrows with balance and  precision, it is our charge to give you and your organization the tools you need to select and hit your target.

Our Offerings Include:

Individual Coaching


Group Coaching

Group Coaching: Mastermind

Business Coaching

Consulting & Training



Changemaster and Consummate Networker

“Jean has a unique ability to initiate action while the rest of us are still talking! She is a catalyst  for growth and change, and a consummate networker and connector. She worked tirelessly to  build connections between the Lally School and the local business community through the  Severino Interest Group. These connections benefited not only our students (with mentoring and  jobs), but also local businesses (with new networks, talent and thought leadership), while raising  the profile of our school. Jean is an energetic and positive supporter and mentor of emerging  entrepreneurs of all ages, but especially undergraduate and graduate students. She is a highly capable problem solver, and always brings positive ideas to the table.”
~Elizabeth Barrett

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News & Upcoming Programs

5 Considerations Before You Launch into 2023

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“Jean has been an advisor to my tech startup, iletken, when I was a grad student at Rensselaer. She is very resourceful and entrepreneurial. She has helped organize the Tech Launchpad  program which has been great help to me and many others at Rensselaer. She helped open many  doors for my business; her guidance is great to have for an aspiring Entrepreneur. I can’t  recommend her highly enough.”
~Selcuk Atli